These $9 Nightlights Double as Flashlights in a Pinch (Save 60%)

They're perfect for a midnight trip to the kitchen. Built-in batteries turn 'em into portable flashlights during a power outage.

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Wandering through the house in the middle of the night for a cup of water or a bathroom break can be harrowing. A few strategic nightlights can make it safer and more comfortable without having to turn on any big or bright lights. To help light your way for just a little dough, we found a two-pack of nightlights on sale for $18 right now on Meh.com. Use promo code GLOWFS and Meh will knock off the $6 shipping fee.

But they're actually more than just nightlights. Pluck them from the wall if you lose power. Or if you're making more involved journey through the house, you've got yourself a portable flashlight. Built-in batteries charge them while they're plugged in. Talk about a lightbulb idea!

We haven't gotten our hands on these exact models but a very similar motion-sensor version from the same brand sell for $45 on Amazon and have high marks from buyers. You must admit, it's a smart concept and an excellent value, offering versatile low-lighting at just $9 a pop. Shipping is free when you plug in code GLOWFS at checkout.