The Net, big media and society

A News.com reader writes that although there are many resources on the Net, few readers venture away from the mainstream to get their news.

The Net, big media and society

In response to the Dec. 4 column by CNET News.com's Jennifer Balderama, "Where Internet promises remain unfulfilled":

I fully support the comments made in this insightful piece. There are many resources on the Internet, such as the online versions of reputable newspapers from other countries. Yet the sad situation remains that although Salon.com or Guardian.co.uk are as easy to access as CNN.com, they are not often accessed by many readers.

If the writer was naive in her hope that the Internet would change the way we access information, then I was guilty of that as well.

But with companies like MSN, AOL Time Warner and even the Liberty Alliance seeking to lock surfers into those companies' own walled version of the Internet, I fear it will be even more difficult to access different sources of information and ideas that lie slightly outside of the mainstream.

I would encourage CNET to publish more articles that discuss various societal impacts of technology rather than always focusing on the impacts technology has on business and finance.

Ron Piovesan
San Francisco