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Upgrade your office chair wheels for 48% off today (Update: Expired)

Replace the wheels on your office chair with these roller blade-style wheels and be comfortable forever.


Remember that chair you didn't care for all that much back at the office? It's still there waiting for you, and as more and more people are being asked to return to their desks you may consider a small upgrade to improve that cubicle life just a little. Did you know the wheels on your chair can be easily replaced, and that Lifelong makes replacements that look a lot like roller blade wheels? Not only is it true, those wheels are on a great sale today. 

Lifelong's replacement office chair wheels pop right into the same slot the existing wheels are set in, only instead of those black plastic rollers that get caught on everything you now have taller rubber wheels made of the same thing as most roller blades. These wheels move smoother, handle things like cables under the desk better, and in some chairs even make your seat a little taller than the base configuration. It's an easy upgrade, and for $32 your office situation will be vastly improved.