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Staub, Le Creuset and All-Clad cookware are down as much as 55%

Our top picks from the Sur La Table spring cookware sale.

Spring cleaning has been put on steroids this year, thanks to Quarantine Nation. If you've noticed your cookware collection getting a little raggedy, Sur La Table has some of the best in class on sale during the semi-annual cookware sale. Ogle-worthy brands including Le Creuset, Staub, All-Clad and more are down as much as 55%. That includes cocottes, Dutch ovens, enameled cast iron and full cookware sets at a major discount. Sur La Table will also ship any order over $59 for free. Check out our picks from the spring cookware sale happening now. 


This traditional French pot will probably live on your stovetop -- it's that pretty. The hand-finished round cocotte is perfect for stews, soups, casseroles, roasts and braises. The enameled cast-iron construction distributes and retains heat evenly. It's also simple to clean and dishwasher and oven safe up to 500 degrees Farenheit.

Le Creuset

If you cook lots of steaks and burgers at home, a good cast-iron skillet will be your new best pal. It gets searing hot but also holds that heat better than most other materials. This Le Creuset 10.25-inch skillet has an easy-release matte-enamel interior coating and doesn't need seasoning.

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This large Dutch oven from fan-favorite All-Clad is perfect for slow-cooked chili, roasted meats and stewed vegetables. The domed lid locks in moisture, so cooking foods are steadily basted in their own juices. It's big enough to hold a large chicken, small turkey and all your Sunday roasts and one-pot meals.

Staub steam grill: $100

You save $214


If you want those grill marks but are short on outdoor space, get yourself a steam grill pan like this beauty from Staub. Perfect for delicate fish, veggies, burgers and steaks, this pan will get searing hot -- and make those grill marks. Then add liquid, cover and finish foods with the gentle, even and healthy steam.


Spending a grand or more on an All-Clad cookware set is fine if you can afford it, but, in my humble opinion, having one high-quality skillet for everyday use is more important and a better use of funds. This 10-inch frying pan will be flying in and out of your cupboard on the regular. All-Clad's signature three-ply bonded design features an aluminum core sandwiched between durable layers of stainless steel for even, efficient heat distribution.