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CNET asks: What's your favorite type of refrigerator?

Today the variables in refrigerator designs are almost limitless. Do you prefer one over another? Bring your opinions to the table and let's see what the majority likes.

Chris Monroe/CNET
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Refrigerators are one of those household appliances that you replace, oh, every 20 years or so. And when it comes time to decide on your new model, you'd better nail your choice or you'll be kicking yourself every day you use it.

Back in the simple days, refrigerators' configuration options were limited. The majority of them were one type: freezer on top, fridge on the bottom, until the introduction of the side by side. Today there are French door styles, freezer on the bottom or the top, four doors, two-drawer freezers and the fancy smart ones that are Wi-Fi connected. Some can even read what items you have inside your fridge, like this Samsung Family Hub refrigerator or one of these crazy LG Signature fridge where you just knock on one of the doors and it will become transparent so you can see what's in it (boy, I wish I was made of money). Simply put, the options are limitless, and that's a good thing -- except when your significant other disagrees with you.

My current refrigerator, a side-by-side, is on the edge of breaking down. It has served us well over the years, so it's just time to replace it. Easy-peasy, right? Pick one and done. At least, that's what I thought.

After window shopping for one with my wife and reading the CNET refrigerator buying guide, I was set on French-door style refrigerator -- the ones with two doors side by side on top and full-width pull-out freezer drawer(s) at the bottom. It just made sense to me as the wider cooler can accommodate wide items like party trays, big birthday cakes, and things that fit awkwardly in a side by side. But surprisingly, I was meet with resistance from the dark side (my wife -- I kid.) She was stuck on the side by side, claiming that the vertical freezer is much better for organizing items, rather than having the drawer freezer where things are just dumped on top of each other, so when you need to find something you have to dig through it. She also claims that the vertical freezer storage is larger in capacity -- at least it seems that way to her. Long story short, we are in a decision gridlock.

Since this decision has not been settled yet, I asked myself, "are we the only couple stuck butting heads on the road to new-fridge-ville? Sounds petty, right? But since we both have to live with this fridge for the next decade or so, we want to make a sound decision that will make us both happy. Surely there are other people out there who have faced a dilemma of this sort, or we alone on this? I'm sure you all have different reasons as to why you settle on one type of fridge over the other, but I'd like to hear directly from you. So I am asking you, what's your favorite type of refrigerator? And more importantly, why? Give the polls a roll and share your opinions with us in the comments area. Maybe after seeing the poll results and reading your comments, I (or we) can convince my wife that the French-door option is the way to go. Or maybe you'll put me in my place and the side-by-side will ultimately win. Or something completely different. Sound off with your opinions -- we look forward to reading them.