Meet Viking's newest kitchen appliances

Two ovens and a range join Viking's Professional line.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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French-door oven Colin West McDonald/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- Viking already offers an extensive collection of high-end kitchen appliances. But the brand recently added a few new models to its existing line of premium products -- a french-door oven, a TurboChef oven, and a redesigned range. They are currently on display at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show 2014 in Vegas.

Viking Professional french-door oven

You might do a double take when you first catch a glimpse of this 30-inch double oven. Yep, it comes with french doors. That may seem counter-intuitive at first, but this design closely mimics what you might see in a professional kitchen. Use one hand to open one of the doors and the other door will open in unison -- how wonderfully convenient.

It has a 4.7-cubic-foot capacity and a ton of different cooking modes, too. They include: two-element bake, convection bake, TruConvec convection cook, convection roast, convection broil, high broil, medium broil, low broil, convection dehydrate, convection defrost, and proof. No word on pricing yet, but you can contact a Viking retailer for more information.

TurboChef oven Viking

Viking Professional TurboChef oven
The new 30-inch TurboChef double oven is supposedly "the fastest residential oven in the world." Viking says you can make food up to 15 times faster than you could with your regular old oven. That's because it's equipped with something called Airspeed technology -- heated air that blasts around the oven at speeds which rival your car on the highway. Not only that, but Viking claims that this new tech will actually improve the quality of your food by helping to retain moisture. Did I mention that it offers more than 400 cooking settings? No pricing information on this yet, but I'm guessing it isn't cheap. TurboChef ovens will be available soon at Viking dealers.

7 series range Colin West McDonald/CNET

Viking Professional range
Viking used its existing 3 and 5 series ranges as a template for the new 36-inch and 48-inch 7 series ranges. The 7 series range (available in gas or dual fuel) offers all of the fancy features of the previous models with a few extras. The 7 series cooktop comes with 23,000 BTU elevated surface burners, a ViChrome griddle (a commercial-quality plancha/griddle) complete with a "grease management system." The oven offers GentleClose doors, racks that fully extend, and accent LEDs. If the 3 series is high-end and the 5 series is very high-end, think of the 7 series as very, very high-end. Check with a Viking dealer for pricing and availability.