LG's Bringing Tech to 'Sneakerheads' (Specifically Those With Smelly Feet)

'Sneakerheads' are going to love LG's latest shoe products.

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Caroline Igo
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LG Styler ShoeCare and ShoeCase.

The Styler ShoeCase (left) and Styler ShoeCare.


Whether it's rare Nike Air Jordans or red-bottom Louboutins, shoe collecting has become a huge passion for many people in recent years. LG must've taken note, because at CES 2023 the South Korean company showed off its new Styler ShoeCase and Styler ShoeCare products, which are designed to keep your collectable and luxury shoes safe and clean. Both offerings were first unveiled at IFA in August 2022 and now LG plans to bring them to the US market.

The trend among young millennials and Gen Zers of collecting, selling and wearing high-end designer, limited-edition and luxury shoes has never been bigger. LG hopes these "sneakerheads" will flock to products that not only showcase their shoes but take care of them as well. 

First up is the LG Styler ShoeCase, a display case for your shoes, which includes customized lighting and a turntable to really showcase your collection. The case keeps your shoes at the optimal humidity and protects against UV damage that can discolor fabrics and leather. Each case holds one pair of shoes and you can stack up to four ShoeCases together to create a display tower. They come in a variety of colors to match your shoes or closet.

You can connect the ShoeCase to LG's ThinQ app to control the lighting and turntable. 

Stylishly dressed and coiffed person putting shoes into an LG Styler Shoecase Display. Vinyl records are displayed on the wall in the background.

The LG Styler ShoeCare uses steam to remove odors from your shoes.


Next is LG's Styler ShoeCare, a locker-like appliance that deodorizes and stores your shoes. It uses LG's TrueSteam nozzles, also found in the LG Styler Clothes Steamer, to refresh four pairs of shoes in 37 minutes. It's also equipped with Zero-Dry filters that absorb moisture in the air to control humidity and keep your shoes smelling fresh. LG created 10 different settings so the device can safely clean leather, suede and other common shoe materials.

Styler ShoeCare is the same height as three ShoeCases stacked together and comes in the same variety of colors. Open the ShoeCare and place up to four pairs of your favorite shoes inside -- the adjustable shelves can accommodate several shoe heights. Once shoes are cleaned, you can leave them inside the Styler ShoeCare for storage.

As of now, there's no pricing or availability for Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare. Stay tuned for more details.