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Last minute holiday gifts for cooks and cooking gadget lovers

From Home Deals: Looking for a last minute holiday gift for the cook in your life? We've got a great selection of deals that can make cooking easier and quicker.

Richard Baguley
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Richard Baguley
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Chris Monroe/CNET

Welcome to Home Deals, where we pick out the best deals on things you need for your home, garden and beyond. Like our cousin, the Cheapskate, we'll give you a regular selection of smoking-hot deals, but for house and home. This time, we have a great selection of last minute gifts for the cook in your life, with deals on the latest kitchen gadgets that can help you give more for less.


The Braun MutiQuick 7 Hand Blender, on sale for $99.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond


Every cook needs a hand blender. It's invaluable for quick whisking, chopping and generally mixing stuff up. Bed, Bath & Beyond has a great deal on the Braun MultiQuick 7: $99.99 with free shipping. That's $50 off the price elsewhere, but you don't get a couple of the extra tools. If you really want the full set, Amazon has it for $149.99.

If the cook of the house wants something a bit more sophisticated, how about the Breville Sous Chef Food Processor? This was one of the top picks from the Sweethome's food processor roundup and usually sells for $370. You can get it for $299.99 at Macys and Williams Sonoma, both of which offer free shipping. Watch for those shipping dates, though. Both sites also let you check the stock in your local stores, which might make a last-minute trip to the mall less terrifying.

Pretty much everything is better when you fry it, and a new fryer like the De'Longhi FH1363 can make fried food healthier by only using a small amount of oil. Amazon has it for $229, $20 off the normal price. For an even healthier fried taste, there is the Phillips AirFryer, which uses hot air rather than oil. Amazon has the best price again here: $178.27, although you can get a refurbished unit for $119 from Groupon if you don't mind waiting until after the holidays. Perhaps a new year gift to help someone with a resolution to eat healthier? If you need it now, Best Buy also has a similar model, the Chefman Express, for $69.99.

Canned food is awesome, but cans can be harder to open for older cooks. Sears has a nice electric can opener for $19.26 that takes all of the hassle away. It's a perfect gift for the cook who isn't as handy as they used to be. Macys also has a good deal on the Joseph Joseph can opener, a manual model that needs less force to use. That's available for $14.99.


The Fizzics Waytap system, which adds a draft tap to a beer can

Chris Monroe/CNET

The Fizzics Waytap beer tap system adds a draft tap to a can of beer to give you an almost pub-quality head. We had a few problems with it, but it's a fun gift for the beer fan in the house and BestBuy has it for $99.99, $30 off the usual price.

To balance all that beer, there is nothing healthier than fresh yogurt, and this Euro Cuisine Y80 yogurt maker is available from Amazon at the healthy price of $16.99. That's $23 off the usual price.

Have you spotted any great deals for the connected cook? Let us know in the comments!