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Give a toast to the solar system with the ThinkGeek Planetary Glass Set

The ThinkGeek Planetary Glass Set is a set of 10 drinking glasses made to look like the Sun and the planets -- even Pluto.

With the ThinkGeek Planetary Glass Set, even Pluto gets a drinking glass. Well sort of.
With the ThinkGeek Planetary Glass Set, even Pluto gets a drinking glass. Well sort of. ThinkGeek

Look up into the night sky. Some people see the inky blackness of nothing, while others see the bright infinity of other worlds and possibilities. Yet this is not a glass half-empty/glass half-full comparison; this is just the way it is. The objects in the sky are for the most part out of reach. We may be crawling to the stars inch by inch, but there is another way to bring the sky home. And thankfully, it involves a toast with a full glass.

The ThinkGeek Planetary Glass Set ($49.99) collects 10 celestial objects (yes, 10 and no, the 10th is not the asteroid belt) from our solar system and brings them down to earth. Capable of fitting inside any size kitchen, the space glasses have a capacity of 10 ounces each. The sun is included along with the eight (or nine) planets. Amusingly, the sun gets to be a giant 16-ounce glass while Pluto is a 4-ounce glass appropriate for its diminutive size.

The drinking glass set features glass construction, with each glass having its own graphic for the planet it represents. Of course, the Great Red Spot of Jupiter is present and accounted for, as well as one of the less famous Dark Spots attributed to Neptune. Depending upon what you choose to put in the glasses to drink, perhaps the face on Mars can be seen, too. Cheers!