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Fondue on the grill? Can do

The Charcoal Companion Fondue Grill Set consists of a grilling platter and fondue pot. Designed for use over an open fire, the hot platter sets onto a fitted serving base.

The Charcoal Companion Fondue Grill Set is waiting for you in the here and now.
The Charcoal Companion Fondue Grill Set is waiting for you in the here and now. Home Depot

Where is your fondue? Is it in the living room? Perhaps on a big '70s oak table? Maybe at a nice, brown wood ski lodge, nestled around a fireplace? Or perhaps the fondue party is simply part and parcel of a routine; every Friday night dipping bread into bubbling cheese while watching "Three's Company" reruns on TV. What do all of these possibilities have in common? That's right: they are all indoors.

Popular in the '70s, fondue never went away. And for good reason: if hot, melty cheese doesn't do it for you, there is always the chocolate option. And now, all that gooey goodness can be taken outdoors.

The Charcoal Companion CC3530 Fondue Grill Set ($39.99) expands grill possibilities to the great outdoors. (Or at least, the backyard barbecue.) Deceptively simple in relation to the deliciousness it provides, the set consists of a fondue pot mounted on a metal grate along with a wooden serving base.

First, fire up the grill. Then, place all those delectable dippables onto the grill grate, fill the fondue and soon you'll be swimming in bubbly goodness. When it is time to serve, the hot platter fits directly onto the base creating an interactive dining experience suitable for any era.