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Draft Top turns beer cans into open-top drinking cups

A hand-held cutting tool that shears off the top of aluminum cans, turning regular beer cans into drink containers, is the latest drinking technology looking for crowdfunding support.

Finally, thanks to Draft Top, there is a reason to go to parks and outdoor spaces. Draft Top

Maybe it's a stretch to say that cold, adult beverages are required for a good time at an outdoor cookout, but whatever imbibers like to imbibe, breakable glass bottles often don't last long in bottle form. With Draft Top, aluminum cans are able to come to the rescue.

The Draft Top is a portable handheld cutting tool that shears off the top of drink cans. Currently a Kickstarter project (the tool kicks in at the $45 level), the gizmo is meant to be set on top of a can and then rotated to produce the cut. It's all just a simple twisting motion that does the trick. The result is an open-top can that not only drinks like a tall glass, but begs for mixers and garnishes to be added.

The aluminum can has long been a solution for beverage conveyance, yet as we have seen throughout the years there is always room for (over-) engineered improvement. From graphics that turn color to silly secondary air holes and/or vents, beer cans enjoy a particular enthusiasm for manipulation. Where to take it from here? Using the device, the solution is apparently to go topless.

The Draft Top is currently seeking a $75,000 goal, with about $42,000 raised as of this writing.

It's a fun little invention that may not improve beer can technology per se, but it does open up new possibilities for your next barbecue.

Via Cool Material