Best Buy Will Now Haul Away Your Old TV, Appliances for $199

The new service offers home pickup for up to two large products and unlimited small ones.

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Best Buy will pick up old electronics from your home -- for a fee.

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Best Buy has launched a new haul-away service designed to help anyone in the US recycle their old devices, the company said Wednesday. Beginning this month, Best Buy will pick up and recycle select items at a flat rate of $199, regardless of when or where they were purchased. The announcement is tied to Earth Day, which takes place Friday. 

Rather than send your old appliances off to the dump, Best Buy urges you to recycle your e-waste. People can access the Standalone Haul-Away service directly on the Best Buy website. What types of items qualify? Large items like a refrigerator, LED TV or range can be hauled, but you're limited to two. That limit doesn't apply to smaller items, though, so if you're looking to unload extinct mobile phones, headphones, e-readers, remotes and vacuums, you're in luck. 

Some products aren't eligible for haul-away, including blenders, fitness equipment and microphones. To learn more about which items are accepted, you can check the product list or contact your local Best Buy store. The new standalone program is available only for residences. Best Buy Totaltech members receive a 20% discount. 

For years, Best Buy has offered an appliance haul-away service for a fee to customers who purchase new products. The new standalone service doesn't require people to buy a new device or appliance from Best Buy.

There's also an option to bring electronics such as TVs and laptops to the store for recycling, for $30, though in some states Best Buy stores will recycle up to three household items per day for free. Best Buy accepts video games, cameras, toner cartridges and other specific products in-store. To find out what you can drop off at a store, visit the website.

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