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5 Great Bread Slicers That Will Guarantee Uniform Sandwiches

Lopsided toast, be gone!

If you've ever set a loaf of homemade bread on the cutting board and struggled to carve off a nice, even piece, you've probably thought: "There's got to be a better way to do this." Of course you can always buy pre-sliced bread at the grocery store or even spring for a pricey electric slicer, but there's an easier way to get uniform slices at home. There are tons of manual bread slicers out there that can help you evenly carve through the dense, tough crust, and we've rounded up the top picks for 2022 below. 

Yes, bread slicers do exist -- and we're not just talking those bagel guillotines that effortlessly slide through even the most dense of bagels. No, these are bread slicers that will magically change the way you chisel your way through bread, often built with tough wood and equally spaced slots -- wide enough for a bread knife -- that'll guarantee identical bread slices. 

Below are some of our favorites that you can buy right now. Whether you're prepping large batches of french toast and grilled cheese or simply need a bevy of equal-size slices (we get it, symmetry is important), these are sure to do the trick. 


This bread slicer is split into two parts: a wooden box topped with slats to catch crumbs, and acrylic sliding guides drilled into the wood to ease your chopping woes. The sliding guides ensure uniform slices, and once you're done, you can easily dump out crumbs and any other mess.  

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Worry not about the bread crumbs that fly across the counter with this slicer. Kitchen Seven's well-built bread slicer deposits crumbs into an easy-to-clean tray. The entire appliance is carved out of bamboo, fitted with slots that are adjustable to three sizes. 

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This smart bread slicer acts as both a display tray and a slicer, built to look like a small table. It'll really only work with baguettes and other skinny breads, as it's narrow and long. Just slide your bread into the tray and slice hunks from the knife slot at the tip of the tray.  


Built in the Pacific Northwest, this bread slicer will make chopping easy. The slicer is equipped with a wide cutting surface, allowing for even bigger loaves of bread if necessary, and folds up easily -- to a height of 1.5 inches -- so it can be stored away. To use it, just rotate the knife guides to their upright position, insert the bread into the cavernous space and guide your knife through the slots. 


The slicing surface for this tool lends itself to many bread sizes -- from loaves to sandwich bread -- and can actually be employed to cut ham, cheese and vegetables. It's easily foldable and portable, and allows for four ranges of thickness, depending on your preferences.  

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