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This powerful countertop toaster oven is just $50 right now

The Bella oven is just $50 and eligible for free shipping, too.

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As soon as you make the leap to a good countertop toaster oven, you'll see why they are so popular. You'll also be surprised at how many jobs -- ones you'd previously used the big oven for -- you can do in a powerful, modern toaster oven and with much greater speed and efficiency. Right now a versatile Bella six-slice countertop toaster oven is 50% off, down to $50, as one of Best Buy's Deals of the Day.

The Bella toaster oven has 1,800 watts of power and nine cooking functions including toast, bake, broil and defrost. Its real value lies in how fast it heats up, however, far faster than most large ovens. For toast, bagels, garlic bread, veggie burgers and small pizzas, you'll be eating in half the time, having used far less energy. Yes, please.

Order online and Best Buy will ship the Bella toaster oven for free. Or take advantage of Best Buy's free no-contact curbside pickup and grab it later today (must be ordered online).