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Save $30 on the Google Nest Thermostat (23% off)

Google makes it easy to search rebates from your utility, which could save you even more.

Already a deal, the Nest Thermostat is $30 off.
Chris Monroe/CNET

We gave the Nest Thermostat from Google a positive review for its sleek design, simple installation process and easy-to-use interface, both in the room and online. The popular smart thermostat is a good deal at its list price of $130, and currently it's $30 cheaper, so you can get it for $100.

Smart thermostats are designed, at least in part, to save you money on your energy bill and make it easy to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, and Nest is no different.  You can set a daily schedule, either on the thermostat itself or in the Google Home ($72 at Walmart) app, to dial in your home's temperature for comfort or energy savings. You can also easily change the temperature in your home with simple voice commands to Google Assistant or Alexa (not Siri yet, but perhaps in 2022).

You may need to separately buy a $15 trim plate to cover up any wall damage from a previous thermostat.

Beyond the savings on the thermostat itself, Google makes it easy to find local rebates, usually from your utility. I checked my last five ZIP codes and found rebates in four of them. At my current address I was offered $50 back on the purchase of my Nest thermostat or $125 when I give my utility partial control of my air conditioner through the summer via a Nest Thermostat. Former ZIP codes offered $100 back, which means you could snag a Nest Thermostat for next to nothing. 

Conditions apply (central air conditioning was required for several), so be sure to read the fine print, but the deal could be even sweeter.

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