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Beat the heat with this $125 portable evaporative air conditioner

Costway's evaporative AC is cheaper and requires less maintenance than a compressor air conditioner.


Summer is coming. In some parts of the country, like here in LA where I am located, it's already here. The only way to survive these 80-degree days is with an air conditioner, and a portable AC unit that rolls around on wheels is a convenient and versatile way to cool the room you're in without spending a fortune on air conditioning. Costway has an affordable portable air conditioner with remote control that's usually about $136 both on Amazon and Costway's own website. But right now, and while supplies last, you can get the Costway 215 CFM Air Conditioner Cooler with Remote Control for $125 when you apply promo code CNETPAC at checkout. 

This is an evaporative cooler, which is also sometimes referred to as a swamp cooler. Rather than using a compressor to cool the air, this kind of AC unit draws air through a fan and past a water reservoir that keeps some sort of medium wet. The water in the material evaporates and cools the air. So while there's no waste water tank to empty every few hours, you do need to fill the 8-liter tank to start the process. Costway also includes an ice box -- you can get enhanced cooling by adding ice cubes to the system in addition to water. 

The air conditioner should run most of the day with your choice of three fan speeds, and has a 7.5-hour timer to automatically shut the system off. It works as a cooler, humidifier, fan and even air purifier and comes with a removable, washable filter to prevent the transmission of bacteria, dust and other airborne particles.

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