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Be prepared for whatever life throws at you with $60 off this Anker portable power station

Power up to six devices at once with this durable portable power station for just $200 right now at Amazon.

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With winter storms and dangerous wildfires on the rise across the country, you never know when you could be facing a power outage. And like the old saying goes, it's always better to be safe than to be sorry. One of the best ways you can prepare is with a portable power station, a compact and modern alternative to a traditional gas generator, and right now you can grab one on sale from Amazon. The Anker 521 portable power station is currently 23% off, so you can pick one up for just $200. 

With a 256 Wh cell capacity, the Anker 521 is designed to power your small devices like a phone laptop, or just about anything powered through a USB, so you can stay connected in case of an emergency. On a full charge, it can completely recharge a phone about 20 times, a laptop about four times, or power a lamp for up to 16 hours. However, it's incompatible with any device that requires a more than a 200w input, so it won't work with a microwave or space heater, for instance. It can be charged through an AC outlet or a vehicle power output, or via a portable solar panel if you don't mind dropping some extra cash. It has two AC outlets, two USB-A ports, one USB-C port and a car outlet, so you can charge up to six devices at a time, though that will obviously drain the battery faster. It's also equipped with an LED light bar so you've got a light source wherever you take it.