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Amazon Smart Thermostat vs. Nest Thermostat: Which Should You Buy?

Both smart thermostat models are among our favorites. Here's how to tell which is right for your home.

The Amazon Smart Thermostat currently holds the top spot as our favorite smart thermostat, while the Nest Thermostat snagged "best design" in our list of best budget models. Both smart thermostats have a lot going for them, so we thought we'd compare the two directly to see if one makes more sense for your home. Will it be Amazon or Nest? Let's find out. 

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Adam Oram/CNET

Amazon's Smart Thermostat is the first true budget smart thermostat from a major brand. While Nest and Ecobee are still selling their smart thermostats for well over $100, Amazon decided to offer its first model for just $60.

For your $60, you get a nice design, simple installation and streamlined smart connectivity to Alexa-enabled smart speakers and displays via the Alexa app. The Amazon Smart Thermostat isn't compatible with Google Assistant or Siri voice commands, though, so you won't be able to ask your Google Nest or HomeKit smart speakers or displays to adjust the temperature for you.  

You'll also want to check whether your current HVAC system is compatible with this model before you buy. Your purchase doesn't include a C-wire adapter, which you'll need to buy bundled with the thermostat for $75 instead of the standard $60 price if your thermostat wiring doesn't include a C-wire. 

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Adam Oram/CNET

Google's most affordable smart thermostat, the Nest Thermostat, is currently on sale for $100 (it's usually $130). With a typical retail price at more than double the Amazon Smart Thermostat, the Nest Thermostat really needs to offer something unique to make it worthwhile. 

Overall, it's a solid smart thermostat that works in the Google Home app and with both Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers and displays. However, like the Amazon Smart Thermostat, it doesn't work with Apple HomeKit. (At least, not yet.)

Its main standout feature is the design. The Nest Thermostat has the same rounded shape as the flagship Nest Learning Thermostat and comes in four finishes: snow (white), sand (rose gold), fog (a light blue-green gray) and charcoal (dark gray). The touch control on the right side of the thermostat isn't as functional for lefties as the Learning Thermostat's dial, but it worked well enough in my testing. 

This is also an excellent option if you're set on Nest as your smart home platform of choice. That way, you can control all of your various connected devices from the same Google Home app and even create advanced automations in the app or with a Google Assistant voice command. 

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The takeaway

There isn't a right or wrong answer here. As with most purchases, your choice will largely depend on your unique circumstances and needs. If you're looking for an affordable smart thermostat that masters the basics, the Amazon Smart Thermostat is a great choice. If you like the look of Nest's thermostats, but don't want to spend a whopping $250 on the Learning Thermostat, the Nest Thermostat is a strong alternative that also integrates particularly well with other Nest devices.

Still unsure? Check out our lists of the best smart thermostats and the best affordable smart thermostats for more information. 

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