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12 Groomsmen Gifts They'll Actually Appreciate

Get your crew something they'll use long after your nuptials.

Marlen Cimaglia
Marlen has been a writer and editor for the past 10 years, covering beauty, fashion and commerce. When she's not writing, she's traveling abroad and exploring new cities.
Marlen Cimaglia
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$50 at Amazon
art of shaving kit
The Art of Shaving Gifted Groomer Kit
Get them ready the morning of the wedding
$37 at Amazon
Every Man Jack Beard Kit
Every Man Jack Sandalwood Beard Set
Pamper your bearded friends
$23 at Amazon
The New York Times Cocktail Book
The New York Times Essential Book of Cocktails
Keep the party going after the reception
$54 at Personalization Mall
monogrammed robe
Brookstone Personalized Robe
Give them the gift of comfort
$25 at PlayStation Store
PlayStation Plus Essential: 3-month subscription
Stay connected after the festivities
$20 at Etsy
Monogrammed toiletry set
Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag
Upgrade their toiletry game
$65 at Amazon
Yoose Mini Electric Shaver
A travel-sized razer
$22 at Uncommon Goods
Bourbon Infused Coffee
Bourbon Infused Coffee
Marry booze with coffee
$80 at Uncommon Goods
Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker
Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker
Upgrade the libations
$31 at Amazon
cable organizer
Cable Organizer
Keep them organized throughout the weekend
See at Bokksu
Bokksu snack box
Sweet and salty eats from Japan
$14 at Amazon
beer chiller sticks
Beer Chiller Sticks
Keep the wedding brews cold throughout the day

Planning a wedding is both an exciting and hectic time, and your groomsmen are there to support you through it all. Your crew makes up your closest people, whether that's your old friends from college, your favorite cousins or that one friend you have been running wild with since the first grade. Show them you appreciate them standing up with you at the ceremony with a small token of thanks in the form of a groomsmen gift.

Not all groomsmen's gifts are created equally. If you're not the first one in your friend group to get married, chances are they already have more engraved flasks and bottle openers than they know what to do with. Instead, give them something they will want to use long after the nuptials are over. This roundup spans different price points and interests. Whether you have a small party and can splurge a little more on a bourbon smoker, or have a huge procession and can budget for beer chiller sticks, there is something for everyone. If you're going to be spending money on these gifts, they might as well be something they're excited to get. Take a look and see what your bros would appreciate most.

Art of Shaving

Get your groomsmen clean-shaven for the big day with a groomer kit. This particular one has everything they will need: a pre-shave oil that will prep their skin, a shaving cream that creates a rich, creamy lather that will keep razor burn to a minimum, a shaving brush that will make the process feel a little more special, and an after-shave balm that will soothe their skin.


Don't forget your friends with beards. Help get their facial hair photo-ready with the help of this botanical-based grooming kit. It includes a comb to brush their beard, a face wash and beard lotion to nourish their skin, and a hydrating beard oil and a tub of beard butter if it needs more conditioning and flyaway-taming. Plus, it's sustainably made in the USA.

The New York Times Store

If your crew likes to meet up at sophisticated cocktail bars and are liquor connoisseurs, they will appreciate this cocktail book. Not only does it have over 400 classic cocktail recipes, but it also has original essays written in The New York Times' unique voice and interviews with the top bartenders and spirit entrepreneurs in the US. Take it a step further and make one of these recipes on the morning you're all getting ready together.

Personalization Mall

Whether they're padding around your hotel room the morning of with beers or cocktails in hand or are eager to get out of their tuxes at the end of the evening, this personalized robe will keep them comfortable all day long. Soft, luxurious, trimmed in satin, and featuring their personalized monogram, they will love wearing it for many weekends after at home.

Whether you now live in different states or don't have time to meet up like you used to, gifting your boys a PlayStation subscription will help you stay more connected. You can play games live together, getting to reconnect after life settles back to normal. You can choose the three-month subscription if you have a smaller budget, but you can go all the way up to 12 months if you have more wiggle room.


Help corral the toiletries they need the morning of your wedding with the help of this personalized leather bag. Handmade from 100% cowhide leather, it will upgrade the canvas one they have been using since your backpacking trip in your early twenties. Not only will it be useful during your wedding day, but they can think of the happy occasion every time they pack it for a work trip or vacation in the future.

Screenshot by David Carnoy/CNET

While this isn't the most powerful electric razer on the planet, it's certainly easy to travel with, and groomsmen who are traveling from afar will appreciate its portability.

Uncommon Goods

If you don't think your party will be in the mood for a cocktail the second they wake up, ease them into the festivities with the help of bourbon-infused coffee. The Arabica beans give off a subtle spirit flavor, providing a well-rounded oaky and caramel taste. Brew a giant pot for the entire party, and then when they make it themselves at home, they will be thrown back to the big day.

Uncommon Goods

If you have a larger budget or a very small wedding party, consider splurging on their gift with an interactive present. Your crew will get a kick out of this cocktail smoker, which they can use to infuse their bourbon or mixed drinks with flavorful smoke. It will give them something fun to experiment with while you're busy getting ready or taking pictures, and it will be a welcome addition to their bar cart for years after.


If your nuptials span the length of a long weekend and require people to fly in, give your wedding party a practical gift in the form of a cable organizer. This will help capture all the various wires and adapters they need to stay connected throughout the festivities and is something they will gladly use afterward. Whether they throw it in their suitcase for an upcoming trip or their work bag when going into the office, it's something that will get a lot of play.


Everyone loves snacks, and you want to keep those groomsmen happy and well-fed. CNET rated Bokksu the best snack box overall in 2024. The subscription service rounds up some of the best snacks from Japan and sends them in a curated box -- think yuzu gummies, seaweed tempura, matcha Kit-Kats and more.


If your crew prefers ice-cold beers over spirits, hand out these beer chiller sticks with the craft cocktails. They will help keep the brews cold even if you need to break for pictures, and it will be a great addition to their bar cart afterward. Every time they use it at home, they will be reminded of the fantastic time they had supporting you through your nuptials.