4moms Recalls Some MamaRoo Swings, RockaRoo Rockers Over Strangulation Hazard

More than 2 million rockers and swings were sold in the US, and about 70,000 were sold in Canada.

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MamaRoo infant swing, with an inset closeup of a dangling strap

A MamaRoo swing with the dangling strap, which is a safety hazard.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission/4moms

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission and 4moms announced Monday that 4moms MamaRoo swings with a three-point harness, as well as the company's RockaRoo rockers, are being recalled because the strap that dangles below the seat when the swing or rocker is empty poses a strangulation hazard for a baby that may be crawling near it. 

Two incidents involving a MamaRoo swing, including one that resulted in an infant's death, were reported to 4moms, the announcement said. 

The recalled baby products include 2 million swings and 220,000 rockers sold in the US at places including BuyBuy Baby, Target, Amazon and 4moms.com, from January 2010 through August 2022. The affected MamaRoo swings include versions 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0  (model numbers 4M-005, 1026 and 1037), not the model that uses a five-point harness, according to the recall. The recalled RockaRoo model is 4M-012. 

A recalled RockaRoo

A RockaRoo rocker. 

US Consumer Product Safety Commission/4moms

Parents who own a rocker or swing should stop using it immediately and put it in a place where a crawling infant can't get to it. 4moms is asking customers to contact it at 877-870-7390 or safetyandrecall@4moms.com or by visiting the company's website to register for a free strap fastener which will keep the straps from falling down and being a hazard. 

Once you contact 4moms and get your strap fastener, the company has a video tutorial on YouTube on how to attach the clip and make your rocker or swing safe to use.

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