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Get a Philips Sonicare rechargeable electric toothbrush for 50% off

The Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7700 is down to $100, but only for today.


An electric toothbrush isn't inherently better at cleaning your teeth than manual brushes, according to the American Dental Association, but there are plenty of reasons why people still opt for this pricier dental accessory year after year: They can make it much easier to brush for the recommended full two minutes, as well as reach places in the back of your mouth and give them a good, concentrated scrub.

The Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7700 electric toothbrush comes with all sorts of bells and whistles to make taking care of your teeth a breeze, and though it's typically a pricey investment at $200, Amazon has slashed the price by 50%. You can pick up the Sonicare ExpertClean 7700 in light pink for an even $100, but only through the rest of today. (Note: This deal was originally for the other colors too, but it's selling out fast.)

This rechargeable electric toothbrush has three different intensities and four cleaning modes, including an everyday option and modes targeting gum health and surface stains. The kit gets you two different brush heads as well: a Plaque Control brush that pairs with the general cleaning mode and a Gum Care brush that you'll use when focusing on your molars. A built-in pressure sensor lets you know when you're brushing too hard, which also keeps your brush heads from wearing out too fast, and a light-up icon reminds you when it's time to replace your brushes. The battery should also last you up to two weeks on one charge, assuming you brush your teeth twice a day for a few minutes each time.

There aren't many reviews for this particular model on Amazon yet, but Philips Sonicare is one of the best electric toothbrush brands we've tested. The ProtectiveClean 6100 is the model that ranks on our list, though it costs $50 more. There are several cheaper options out there for less than $100 (like our overall pick, the Hum by Colgate), but you get a lot of helpful features with the Sonicare ExpertClean 7700 and it's a solid pick at this price.

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