Snag a Staub pumpkin cocotte for more than 60% right now

We promise there's no trick involved.

Rainbow layer cake
Rainbow layer cake
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Spooky season is certainly in full swing: The leaves are finally turning into glorious reds and oranges (in some parts of the world), plump pumpkins are invariably finding their way into supermarkets and elastic white spiderwebs are being strung across doorways and windows. 

So in the interest of continuing the trend, Zwilling -- a renowned knife manufacturer and cookware company stationed out of Germany -- has launched a Halloween-forward sale, boasting items up to 65% off. You may be in the mood to invest in Staub's pumpkin-shaped cocotte, or you may simply be in the market for a new paring knife. Either way, you'll undeniably be setting the mood for the spookiest of seasons.

Keep reading to check out our Halloween picks, or see the full list of sale items on Zwilling.

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This delightful cast-iron cocotte -- which can be purchased in black, burnt orange and white colors -- isn't simply for decoration (although it can certainly serve that purpose, too). Made in France, Staub's oven-proof and dishwasher-safe Dutch oven can be used for simmering stews and soups and slow-cooking meats. As one user says, "They are beautiful works of art." 

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Clocking in at a smaller size, this cocotte is equally useful as a serving dish for casseroles, soups and vegetables, plus it's oven-, broiler- and freezer-safe.

These Italian-made, nonstick scalloped pans -- in square, heart and circle shapes -- are perfect for any Halloween baking projects (think candy bar pies and orange-colored fudge). 

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Choose from six colors (from cherry to black and turquoise) for these two, stackable rectangular dishes, primed and prepped for all your favorite casserole, roasted vegetables, lasagna and dessert recipes.

Whether you're carving pumpkins or simply peeling apples, Zwilling's signature paring knife boasts a blade that's incredibly hard and sharp and an ergonomic handle for an ideal, comfortable chop.

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