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Walmart has Halloween candy for 50% off, and it's the good stuff

No more hunting empty shelves.

Halloween Candy

The hunt for cheap Halloween candy is always a mess. The shelves are picked clean by the time you get there, and the leftovers are never the higher-quality treats we all know and love. Online candy sales are usually not worth it, but there's a great exception at Walmart today. For as long as it lasts, you can get 90-piece bags of Butterfingers, Baby Ruths and Crunch bars for less than $5.

Instead of wandering around the near-empty aisles, swearing under your breath at the overwhelming Christmas takeover, you can have this bag of candy shipped to your house and enjoy your sweets in peace for a whole lot less than you'd normally spend. The 50% discount on this bag is just about what you'll see in most stores, and if you look in Walmart's general Halloween candy section you'll see a lot of it is either sold out or not particularly worthwhile. This likely won't last, so go ahead and treat yourself.

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