Vudu's $5 movie sale includes Tom Cruise, Oscar winners and more

Expand your digital library with titles like Mission: Impossible, La La Land and The Matrix.

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Rick Broida
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Mix-and-match two of your Tom Cruise favorites for just $5 apiece.


I like owning movies that I really love, those that I like to rewatch from time to time -- especially when I can buy them for close to the same cost as renting. Which brings us to Vudu's $5 movie sale, which is actually divided up into a few different sales. First up: action movies for $4.99 each.

These are mostly from the oldie-but-goodie catalog, but take a look at some of those goodies:

  • 300
  • Die Hard
  • Fight Club
  • Inception
  • Speed

Next up, the Mix & Match: Cruise Control sale lets you choose two Tom Cruise movies for $9.99. Here your options include all six Mission: Impossible flicks, early hits like Top Gun and Days of Thunder and the generally underrated Minority Report and War of the Worlds. Missing, sadly: Edge of Tomorrow. (Note that some movies, including the Mission: Impossible series, are owned by Paramount, which, like CNET, is a division of ViacomCBS.)

Finally, there's the Mix & Match: Bargains sale, which also lets you choose two titles for $9.99. A few highlights here include all three Night at the Museum movies, Liar Liar, The Italian Job and La La Land.

Given that most of these titles would cost $4 to rent in HD, what's another buck to add them to your permanent library?

Add LED night lights to five electrical outlets for $15

Daily Steals

Here's a repeat of a deal from a few months back, one of the cooler items I've tried lately. It's a set of five replacement covers for your electrical outlets, each one equipped with a light sensor and LEDs. When it gets dark, the LEDs come on automatically. For a limited time, you can get that 5-pack for $14.99 with promo code CNETPLG.

What's nice about these is there's no wiring: You simply swap one for an existing faceplate, making sure the contacts line up correctly with the outlet's screws.

It's hard to tell if they're actually working until nighttime, though; don't be surprised if you cover the light sensor and don't see the LEDs come on. But these are great little night lights for a hallway, kid's room or the like. Just make sure you choose the right style: squared or rounded.

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