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This Handy 12-in-1 Pocket Multitool Is Just $7 on Amazon

Be prepared for all repairs.

AmazonBasics Bike Repair Multitool

Want to be ready for anything? Snag this 12-in-one pocket multitool for just $7 right now on Amazon (save 18%) and you'll be well on your way. You get a good variety of tools that aren't only great for bicycle repairs, but also convenient to have on hand for day-to-day tasks or emergencies. The tool is compact and folds down for safe, convenient storage -- easily fitting in your pocket or purse. It also comes with a carabiner attached, so you can connect it to a belt loop or a key ring. This tool is built for bike repairs but it would make a great gift for any handy person in your life (let's face it, lots of dads love knives) or you could just keep it for yourself. Perfect to have in your car, use for camping or just keep it in your toolbox as a backup.

Crafted from alloy steel with a rust-resistant chrome finish, this tool is built to last you a long time. Made with bicycle repairs in mind, it includes four sizes of Phillips screwdrivers, three slotted screwdrivers, a 1/4 -inch adapter and four 1/4-inch sockets. This tool is smaller than a deck of cards, making it convenient for cyclists to keep in their repair bag or pocket.

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