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These Premium All-Terrain Trekking Poles Are 50% Off

Snag a pair of adjustable, lightweight and durable carbon fiber trekking poles for $25 to help you on your hike.

A man with a backpack and trekking poles looks out over a rolling range of mountains.

Are you an outdoor enthusiast that needs to traverse tricky terrain at times? Trek anywhere and tackle any conditions in any environment with ease with a solid set of outdoor trekking poles from Monoprice. These trekking poles won't weigh you down on long hikes and can have a lot of features to keep you comfortable on your adventures. Right now you can get a pair of Pure Outdoor all-terrain premium carbon trekking poles from Monoprice for $25 -- that's a savings of 50%. 

These poles are comprised of 3K weave carbon fiber, which provides strength without increasing weight. They also feature fast lock aluminum clips that let you adjust the length of each pole. These clips lock in place to keep the pole from collapsing when you put weight on it. The poles can be adjusted to a minimum length of 39 inches and a maximum length of 53 inches. They also collapse even further for easy transport. 

Adjustable trekking poles are displayed at two lengths side by side against a white background.

Cork handles provide a firm grip and better moisture handling, as well as resistance to dirt and grime buildup. The extended EVA foam grip adds additional grip for extra traction for quick terrain changes and switchback handling. 

There are also padded hand-straps for comfort and support that will not come undone while hiking in the wild. The built-in carbide tips will keep your poles reliable regardless of whether you're working with dirt, grass, gravel or concrete in dry, wet, muddy or snowy conditions.