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Save Yourself the Backache and the Cash With Best Buy's Adjustable Standing Desk

Best Buy's top-rated standing desk is $145 off right now.

Best Buy Insignia Adjustable Standing Desk with computer on top
Best Buy

Between weighing your options and reading through hundreds of reviews, choosing the best standing desk for you can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. And anyone who's trying to set up their home office right now knows that it's hard to find a decent standing desk without emptying your wallet. Luckily, Best Buy's Insignia Adjustable Standing Desk is on sale right now for just $200, a discount of $145. 

Standing desks are great for helping you stay alert and focused throughout your workday. They can prevent backaches and sleepiness caused from hunching over your computer for hours. The best standing desks are adjustable, to suit whatever is comfortable for you. 

The Insignia allows you to sit or stand -- it's adjustable from anywhere between 24.7 to 48.4 inches, helping you find that Goldilocks height that works best for you. The desktop itself comes with a surprising amount of room as well. At just over 47 inches wide, this desk supports up to 110 pounds, allowing you the space and support to add as many monitors, keyboards and towers as you see fit.  And you can choose from black, natural or dark wood to match your office style.

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