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Save $8 on this trio of chili crisp, Zhong sauce and mala spice

These addictive spice mixes make the perfect stocking stuffer for a foodie or a gift for a colleague.

Fly by Jing

If you don't have a jar of chili crisp in your pantry, I'm sorry but you're doing it wrong. It is by far my biggest new condiment obsession and I'm not the only one. Chili crisp is a crunchy, slightly spicy, sweet umami bomb that adds an incredible flavor dimension to blank-slate foods including eggs, chicken, fish, veggies and tons more. Right now you can save $8.40 on Fly by Jing's Trīple Threat trio of popular seasoning mixes including the mighty chili crisp, plus a Sichuan mala spice and tangy Zhong sauce (perfect for dumplings) when you use code CNET20.

If you have a food person on your list, this trio (or even just the chili crisp) will make an amazing gift or stocking stuffer for a home chef, since most folks don't know about it. Use it to amplify soups and sauces, salad dressings and more. My jars of chili crisp don't usually last very long, so consider getting a couple while this deal is on.

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