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Save $10 on Hair Care Purchases of $40 or More at Sally Beauty

Find exactly what your hair needs during this limited time offer.

As temperatures rise all over the world, it's more important now than ever to take good care of your hair. Whether your hair is color-treated, difficult to manage, dry or easily tangled, there are many products that can help you achieve good hair days more often. A lot of those products are offered at Sally Beauty, and right now you can get $10 off any $40 purchase of all hair care products. There's no telling when this offer expires, so grab your products quickly.

You can find products ranging anywhere from restorative hair masks to thermal protecting sprays during this sale. If you order today, you'll also get free 2-hour same-day delivery in the contingent United States. There are over 1,800 products that qualify for this coupon, so we've rounded up some products worth checking out.

Shampoos and conditioners

Sally Beauty

If you wash your hair daily, bulk is always better. These 33.8-fl. oz. Mane Magic shampoo and conditioner bottles by Eva NYC will last a while and make your hair stronger when used together. This duo is $55 together or $27 separately.

Hair styling products

Sally Beauty

One of my go-to thermal protecting sprays is this Chi Iron Guard 44. Small but powerful, this bottle is suited for all hair types and doesn't leave your hair feeling dry or stringy. It has vitamins and proteins to add extra moisture, and it seals hair cuticles to prevent damage.

Hair oils and treatments

Sally Beauty

Back in the day before coconut oil became a popular hair product, I'd put coconut oil in my hair twice a week to keep long, silky hair. That habit is making a comeback, and more people are jumping on the coconut oil train for good reason. Pure coconut oil can be rubbed into your scalp and applied throughout your strands to act as a natural barrier against damage while giving your hair a shiny finish. I'd recommend putting this oil in overnight and rinsing out in the morning.

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