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Samsung big appliance sale: Save up to 30% on refrigerators, cooktops, washers and dryers

Plus, bundle and save even more when you purchase at least four kitchen appliances.

Shopping for home appliance upgrades? February can be a pretty dry month if you're looking for sales. Thankfully, that's not the case at Samsung, where you can still find solid deals on big-ticket items like fridges, washers, dryers, kitchen ranges and more. These prices are good for this week only, so why not take a look?

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This energy-efficient French-door-style fridge allows you easy access to all of your groceries. Redesigned for a modern look and increased storage space (28 cubic feet, up from the previous model's 25), this fridge also promises to keep your food at an even cooling level with no cold spots, thanks to a multivent setup. Get $500 off today during the sale. See more selections at the Samsung refrigerator sale.

Update: This popular deal is no longer available but we've found a comparable offer in this 22 cu. ft. French door refrigerator that is $400 off the regular price, currently at $1,600.


Have you upped your cooking game during the past year? Maybe you're a big fan of meal kit deliveries? Whatever the reason, tap into your inner chef with a new kitchen range, like this 5.8-cubic-foot gas model. The flexible five-burner cooktop comes with a griddle and allows you to cook, simmer, saute and prep multiple dishes at once. The spacious convection oven is basically a huge air fryer that can accommodate an entire roast or at least two pans of sourdough bread.

Update: The price was updated to reflect the new discount (now $200 off the regular price). Alternatively, we found the electric cooktop version for slightly cheaper at $809, or $90 off the regular price. This range has no griddle but the oven features a self-cleaning function.

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What's worse than doing laundry? Coming back to find that your clothes are still damp after a cycle. Worry no more with this smart washer-and-dryer combo; the Sensor Dry feature will ensure that your clothes come out dry and ready to wear.

Samsung's companion app can make laundry less of a chore by letting you check and control the washer or dryer remotely. And the steam-cleaning function helps remove germs, bacteria, pollen and dust mites. Not looking for an entire set? Check out the selection of washers and dryers on sale this week.


To top off this round of deals, Samsung is offering an additional 10% discount when you purchase four or more kitchen appliances. You can also receive a Jet 70 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum, valued at $399, for free when you spend $3,500 or more.

If you're looking for ideas to hit your four-item order, we can suggest this countertop microwave with grilling feature for $170 ($80 off). Reheat crispy food and never eat cold, soggy leftovers again.

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