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Quest 2 Renewed Premium Bundle at Amazon Is Just $249 and Comes With Free Extras

It's tested to look and perform like new, and it comes with a full one-year satisfaction guarantee. Shipments start tomorrow, Feb. 15.

Amazon has been selling used and refurbished electronics for quite some time now, but the company is now rolling out a new offering that it calls "Renewed Premium." Before you dismiss this as another average refurb, you should know more about it. These products are sold and shipped by Amazon and have been certified by the manufacturer to ensure that they look and perform like new. Additionally, they come with new accessories, new batteries and are backed by a full one-year warranty.

Right now, you can pick up this Oculus Quest 2 bundle, which comes with the VR headset, a carrying case and an extra foam replacement all for just $249. Normally, the Quest 2 sells for $299 on its own, without any of these extra accessories. 

During the holidays we started to see refurbished 64GB Quest 2 units hit $199 at Walmart, which you can actually still get right now. Unless money is really tight, the Amazon bundle is a better option, though. It offers twice the storage and some extras for just $50 more. That local storage will be great to have once you realize just how fun some of these games are and you begin trying others.

In our full Quest 2 review, CNET's Scott Stein calls it one of his favorite game consoles and recommends it at the full price, saying:

The $299 all-in cost is still not trivial. But it's low compared to most gadgets, and the recent bump-up in the included storage is a welcome add. 

These consoles are currently available for preorder at Amazon with a release date of Feb. 15. Get your order in now, though, so you can lock in that discounted pricing before it inevitably sells out.

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