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PlayStation Store Games of a Generation sale: 9 discounted PS4 games to buy now

Ghost of Tsushima, Resident Evil 2, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and more.

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Daniel Van Boom
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$28 at PlayStation Store
Red Dead Redemption 2 Special Edition
You save: $52
$29 at PlayStation Store
Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package
You save: $70
$29 at PlayStation Store
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
You save: $30
$25 at PlayStation Store
Resident Evil 2 Deluxe Edition
You save: $25
$20 at PlayStation Store
Tekken 7 Ultimate Edition
You save: $80
$12 at PlayStation Store
Watch Dogs 2 Deluxe Edition
You save: $48
$20 at PlayStation Store
Overwatch Legendary Edition
You save: $40
$12 at PlayStation Store
Final Fantasy X/X2 Remaster
You save: $12.50

The PlayStation 5 is launching on Nov. 12, just over a month from now. So it's no coincidence that Sony has a Games of a Generation sale on its PlayStation Store, commemorating some of the best games of the PlayStation 4 era.

The sale lasts until Oct. 15. There's another sale, Big in Japan, that runs up to Oct. 8. You'll find fantastic games in both sales. Below are our picks.

Rockstar Games

There's not much to say about Red Dead Redemption 2 that you haven't already heard. It's a flagship Rockstar game -- which pretty much tells you whether you'd like it or not. If you've been on the fence for the past couple of years, the game's Special Edition, which includes extra missions and content, is $28 until Oct. 15.

Square Enix

The All-In-One package includes Kindom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Birth By Sleep, Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts III. That's a lot of Kingdom Hearts. If you've been eyeing the franchise off for years, now is the time to jump in. It's $29 until Oct. 8.

Sucker Punch/Screenshot by Sean Keane/CNET

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the biggest games of the year, and one of the PS4's final exclusives. Developed by Sucker Punch, the team behind the Sly Cooper and Infamous franchises, you play as a warrior in 13th century Japan. It's a beautiful game that'll give you many hours of fun for your $45. 


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order launched late last year and surprised many by being a Star Wars game that's... actually really good. Set in between the first and second trilogies, Fallen Order does an admirable job at capturing the aesthetic, action and charm of Star Wars.


This 2019 title is arguably the best video game remake ever. It invokes the spirit of the original Resident Evil 2 but doesn't feel creaky or dated and works as an nostalgia piece but is also perfectly playable for newcomers. At $25, it's 50% off until Oct. 8.

Bandai Namco

Tekken 7 Ultimate Edition includes the original game plus Seaon Pass 1 and 2 content (new characters, new stages). In addition to Tekken 7 being a timeless fighting game, Bandai Namco in September announced Season 4, which includes the return of Kunimitsu. That means there'll be plenty of people to test your game against online. 

Watch Dogs Legion is launching in November for both the PS4 and PS5. If that AAA game from Ubisoft intrigues you but you've not played its predecessor, Watch Dogs 2, the deluxe edition is just $12 until 

Blizzard Entertainment

There were many excellent shooters this generation, but there's a strong case that Overwatch is the very best. This squad-based shooter was launched by Blizzard in 2016 and has been regularly updated, patched and expanded to remain fresh and fun. 

Square Enix

Final Fantasy X is one of the best Final Fantasy games of all time -- and ipso facto one of the best RPG games of all time. Final Fantasy X2, its sequel, is cool too. The game still holds up well, a few instances of bad voice acting notwithstanding, and a HD package of both is $12 until Oct. 8. 

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