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PacSun flash sale: Khaki jeans, high-waisted shorts and more starting at $25

With this limited-time offer, you can get the best California styles, from denim to jewelry.


Looking for casual apparel that makes you look put together while maintaining a laid-back vibe? You're in luck! PacSun, the well-known California lifestyle brand, is having a flash sale on women's and men's jeans starting at $25, with some men's pants going for even less. If you don't want to buy pants, there are also tops, T-shirts, accessories and a few graphic horror tees on sale, just in time for Halloween.

PacSun may be just up your alley depending on your style; for example, bear in mind that when looking through women's clothing, you'll find more crop tops and tank tops than standard tees. If that's your thing, stock up on PacSun's bright colors and designs now, or pick up some men's tees for some variation. With the jeans, you'll have more options in terms of design and color. Mom jeans, straight leg, jeggings and other styles are available in a variety of patterns ranging from tie-dye to graphic prints. 

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