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Need luggage? Save up to 25% at Monos right now

Monos offers a premium luggage experience at down-to-earth prices, and these prices are down-to-earthier than usual.

The world is starting to open back up again. People are getting vaccinated, restaurants are letting diners through the doors and airports are beginning to fill up for the first time in a year. If you have some travel on the horizon but want to replace your old travel bags, I've got you covered. Monos -- one of a handful of stylish companies with a unique take on premium travel gear -- has some great luggage at down-to-earth prices. From now through May 3, you can save up to 25% on Monos luggage, no promo code or coupon needed.  

There are a half-dozen sale models to choose from, but here are our favorite picks. Keep in mind that not all colors and styles are in stock, so you might need to click around to find a bag in the color you're looking for.  


The Carry-On is designed to fit in most overhead bins. it's made with an unbreakable polycarbonate shell and a sturdy telescopic handle as well as what Monos refers to as "whisper-quiet wheels." It measures 22x14x9 inches and weighs 7 pounds. 

The Carry-On usually sells for $294 but is currently on sale for $220.


The Check-In Medium may be the "just right" size for a lot of people. Like the Carry-On, it's made from Monos' signature polycarbonate shell, ultrasturdy telescopic handle and whisper-quiet wheels. It measures 26.5x18.5x10.5 inches and weighs 9.6 pounds.

The Check-In Medium usually sells for $356 but is currently $267.


The Carry-On is a generously oversized piece of checked baggage, measuring 20x21x11 inches and boasting a total internal volume of 99 liters, yet weighing only 10.6 pounds. It has the requisite unbreakable polycarbonate shell and telescoping handle. 

The Check-In Large sells for $381, but is currently on sale for $286.

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