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Marshall smart speaker drops to $190

Amazon just cut the price of the Marshall Acton II speaker by more than $50.


I challenge you to find a better-looking Alexa speaker. Marshall's lineup of smart voice speakers all shamelessly borrow from the look of the company's famed amps, but don't let the retro design fool you. These speakers pack a ton of modern features, including Amazon's voice assistant Alexa, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and multiroom music support. They also feature a wooden frame for more natural sound and classic touches like those familiar Marshall knobs on top of the speaker for controlling volume, treble and bass levels, and the iconic Marshall script on the front.

The Marshall Acton II is the smallest speaker in the lineup, but still has room to house a 30-watt woofer and a pair of 15-watt tweeters. I haven't been in the same room as the Acton II, but I was impressed by the sound of the smaller Kilburn speaker when I heard it. It produced big and fairly dynamic sound and has only a 15-watt woofer and dual 5-watt tweeters. The Action II isn't going to rattle the windows, but it should be able to fill a relatively large room with its output. 

One thing to note: Despite its small size, the Acton II isn't a portable, battery-powered speaker. It must be plugged into a wall outlet to operate.

The Acton II was released in 2018 at price of $300. It's been sitting steady at $243 on Amazon before plummeting to $190 on Wednesday.

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