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Make Your Butt Happy With 15% Off the Best Office Chair This Black Friday

The Verve chair from Branch has saved my back.

A coral office chair in front of a desk

Working from home often means spending 8 or 9 hours sitting on your backside and typing at a computer. I never thought the chair I did that on really mattered, but I was wrong. When I worked from home on an unsuitable chair, I started to get severe lower back pain and my right leg became numb after an hour or two. Enter the Verve chair from Branch to fix all my woes.

The Verve chair was easy to assemble and is satisfyingly heavy and well constructed. The base is large enough for my XXL frame, and the cushion takes a lot of pressure off my tailbone and legs. Even when I forget to take out my wallet, my leg feels better than in my previous chair. 

The lumbar support and legs are adjustable and the seat can move in and out if you need more butt space like me. I found the perfect combination of heights, lengths and tilt after about 20 minutes of sitting. Within two days, a lot of the aches and pains I have been suffering from went away. One chair didn't solve all my pains -- I am in my forties, after all -- but the ones related to sitting down are all but eliminated. 

Right now the Verve chair is 15% off at $510 on the Branch website for Black Friday, and while that is a significant amount of money for a piece of home office equipment, it is an excellent price for a great chair.