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Looking for Cheaper Gas Prices? Try One of These Membership Programs First

Prices at the pumps are scary right now, but here's how you can make fuel a little more affordable.

The rise in fuel costs has caused gas prices to break records around the world, making it extremely difficult for anyone on a budget to fill up their vehicle. The constant uptick of those bold numbers in front of every station is the source of much stress in today's world, especially now that many are returning to working in an office. And for those who don't use public transit, ride a bike or own an electric car, fuel is essential. 

While it seems we won't be seeing lower prices any time soon, there are still a few different ways we can save on gas right now.

One of the best ways that offers multiple benefits is a membership to one of the following retailers. We know, it sounds counterproductive to pay for a membership in hopes of saving money, but as a long-term play this works out. Walmart Plus, Costco and Sam's Club happen to be three of the best and easiest ways to help you cut costs on gas. The added benefit is that you can save money in other areas of your weekly spending, as well. 

Curious about how a membership can help you save at these locations? Let's break it down.


Walmart Plus has a bunch of great perks, but one that really comes in handy right now is the fuel discount. If you're a paid Walmart Plus subscriber, you can get 5 cents off each gallon when you fuel up at Walmart's own gas station or at a local Murphy's station. In addition, the Walmart Plus membership will allow you to access member pricing at any Sam's Club fuel center. Between all of these different places, there are over 2,000 locations where you can save on fuel. 

You can get a subscription to Walmart Plus for $13 per month or $98 for the year, which also includes benefits like discounted prescriptions, free grocery delivery from local stores, free shipping from with no order minimum and more.


At many of its locations, Costco has a gas station offering discounted gas to all members. You need your membership card to use the pumps, but the savings can be as high as 15 cents per gallon depending on your location (sometimes the discount is less). If you also have a Citi Costco credit card, you can get 4% cash back when filling up your vehicle. And who doesn't love getting money back for essential purchases? Both the regular and premium fuel meet "Top Tier standards" so you're getting quality gas for less. There are nearly 600 Costco fuel locations in the US.

While the lines have been long at Costcos across the country, remember it doesn't matter which side your tank is on, since the hose will reach both sides. Your Costco membership also gets you access to the warehouse locations, which sell food, electronics, plants, household items and more. There are a few different membership tiers to pick between based on your shopping habits, with the basic one starting at $60 per year.


Sam's Club is another warehouse-style retailer that charges an annual membership to access its discounts. Sam's Club memberships are normally $45 a year. But if you're signing up for the first time, we have a deal to make it just $15 -- and you get a free $10 gift card that you can use towards a future purchase. Sam's Club fuel centers offer members a 5-cent discount on all gas purchases (except in New Jersey where it's prohibited).

You do need to be a member to even use the pumps at these locations, so you'll want to make sure you always have your membership card with you. While Costco supplies "Top Tier" gas, it is worth noting that Sam's Club does not, though you should be fine with the gas you purchase there.