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Keep Your Coffee at the Perfect Temperature With $50 Off the Ember Smart Mug

Never suffer lukewarm coffee or tea again.

A fresh start to the day often comes with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee. 

While most people would love to sip their beverage of choice slowly, savoring each sip before it ever cools, many might be on the run for work or school. And if you like having a hot drink while doing work from your office, you might forget that it's there altogether while you're focused on the task at hand. For those who turn to their cup and are dismayed that their once-hot beverage is now room temperature, and for those who don't want to reheat their drink in the microwave, only to forget about it and have it cool down again, this smart mug is perfect for you.

Ember came up with Smart Mugs that will keep your drink hot and has upgraded its offerings in the past few years. Right now, you can get a stylish stainless steel 10-ounce mug for $50 off at Best Buy: a deal that will only last for today.

The smart mug is part of Ember's metallic collection -- a spin-off from its classic smart mug. You can also grab the black version of this mug for $20 off. Both will maintain your drink at your chosen drinking temperature for up to 90 minutes. The mug sits on a charging coaster that will keep your drink hot all day if the mug stays on it. Otherwise, Ember's smart mug has a built-in battery that will keep drinks between 120 and 140 degrees F. These mugs shouldn't be placed in the microwave or dishwasher, but they are submersible in up to 3 feet of water, so they're easy to clean.

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