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Keep Mosquitos Away With Up to 40% Off These Discounted Repellants From Thermacell

These mosquito repellants are free of spray, Deet, open flames or scents and provide a 15-foot zone of protection.

A collection of handheld, lantern and box diffuser style mosquito repellants are displayed on a white background.

One thing we can all agree on when it comes to the outdoors is mosquitos are a nuisance. Whether you're enjoying a night with friends on the patio, in the pool, at a campsite or elsewhere, these little pests can leave you swatting, scratching and itching. 

Mosquitos can also spread diseases including Encephalitis, West Nile Virus and Zika Virus, among others, so keeping yourself and your loved ones safe from these troublesome insects is essential. During Amazon's one-day deal, you can save up to 40% off Thermacell mosquito repellants, allowing you to save money while reclaiming your yard from these pesky predators. 

Handhelds, lanterns and box diffuser style repellants are all discounted and each model provides hours of scent-free, mess-free, Deet-free mosquito defense through unscented, liquid repellent cartridges, which are easy to replace. Most units provide a protection area of 15 feet, but two units, the Thermacell E90 for $38 and the Thermacell EX90 for $40 each provide a 20-foot zone of protection, giving you up to 314 square feet of highly effective coverage. 

Each unit is furnished with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, and when the machine is activated it only takes 15 minutes to reach maximum protection. Be sure to power off the machine when you're through, because the refill cartridges only have to be changed when they're empty, so depending on your model and how much time you're spending out doors, it may last for several uses before you need a replacement.

If you're hunting, hiking or otherwise on the move, the $23 Mr300 or the $25 Mr450 handheld repellants are ready to keep you safe anywhere you go with a 15-foot dome of protection. And if you're looking for the most budget-friendly option, there is a stylish $18 lantern repellant that can both repel mosquitos and light up your porch or backyard. Shop the entire sale selection at Amazon.