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Snack better with this $30 digital air fryer (you save $70)

Plus, a larger 5.8-quart air fryer is nearly 50% off for today only.


An air fryer's dirty little secret is that it doesn't actually fry at all, but food still comes out tasting like it has been -- minus the grease. I'll be honest, I think some foods including tater tots, frozen dumplings, chicken fingers and even french fries taste as good if not better when cooked in an air fryer versus when they're deep-fried. Plus, you can eat that sort of snack-y food a little more often when you air fry since it won't be packed with saturated fat.  

I've been happily air frying for years now and have urged many a friend to buy one too. As we speak, you can snatch the Insignia 3.4-quart air fryer for just $30, down from $100 at Best Buy. That's an excellent deal on a machine this size with a digital interface. For reference, the same model is on sale at Amazon but for $50

So how does it work? Insignia's air fryer requires little or no oil -- you can give food a light spray of oil if you want -- but instead circulates really, really hot air to get that crispy outside while locking moisture inside. Simple controls and cook settings make it a snap to use, and the basket is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Best Buy will deliver the air fryer for $11 or you can pick it up for free, pending local inventory.

Need a bigger air fryer? If you've got a small army of mouths to feed, peep this 5.8-quart digital Cosori air fryer. It's also on sale today at Best Buy for just $60. That's $50 off the normal price, plus free shipping.

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