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Get Up to $250 Off Gaming Chairs During Vertagear's Black Friday Sale

Say goodbye to a bad back with chairs designed to support everyone.

Black and white chair on a orange background

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Aside from looking cool, gaming chairs are notoriously uncomfortable. A lot of them lack padding for your back, hips and behind, and if you're tall, it's unlikely you'll fit in one comfortably. This Black Friday sale at Vertagear for up to $250 off will allow you to upgrade from your old, uncomfortable chair to one that will make sitting for extended periods of time much more bearable.

My Vertagear chair is the SL5000 model. This $360 chair, which was originally $460, is the height of style and coziness. The UPHR foam used to make this chair is of a density that prevents sinking and guarantees that the back of the chair supports your back comfortably. Also, you can buy RGB/LED lights and attach them to this chair if you like.

Looking for the best budget chair of the bunch? That would be the SL3800 that can support up to 220 pounds. This chair has memory foam, UPHR foam and lumbar support. It's easy to put together and it costs $330. But what if you're big and tall? Then the PL4800 is for you. This chair supports tall people up to 360 pounds for $480.

Want a pink chair grab the $280 PL1000 Pink Hero Edition, while this $400 PL6000 is great for people who need more sitting space. I'd say after using my Vertagear chair that this brand is one of the best in terms of comfort and style. 

Check out the rest of this Black Friday sale at Vertagear to get yourself a chair that supports everybody.

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