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Get 25% off holiday bundles at Poo Pourri

Help make your bathroom odor-free by snagging one of these bundles.

Robin Mosley Former CNET writer
Robin Mosley (she/her) formerly wrote commerce deals for CNET about beauty, fashion and other essential gear. Before that, she freelanced for Healthline, Simply Recipes and Nerd Street. She is a Chicago native living on the East Coast who is a fan of all things beauty, food, gaming and tech. When she isn't writing, she's at a restaurant, shopping online or making YouTube gaming videos.
Robin Mosley
Poo Pourri

We could all use some assistance making our bathrooms smell fresh and pleasant after each use. Sure, we have air fresheners, but they can fade away pretty quickly. So if you would like tackle odors head on, take a look at this holiday bundle sale at Poo Pourri for 25% off.

There are a few bundles available, but if you want something more on theme with the holiday, go with the Give Me All Things holiday bundle that comes with scents like Oh, Spritzmas Tree and Berry Bum Bum. There's also the Traveling for the Holidays bundle, which is perfect if you're visiting family. 

If you've never tried Poo Pourri before, you might be wondering if it's effective. It is -- at least according to my household, because it has the overwhelming power to counter the bathroom's, ahem, odors. 

If bundles aren't your thing, get this as a gift for someone who would appreciate it, or if you just want one bottle instead, you can get it on Poo Pourri's website and on Amazon.

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