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Get $20 Off Priceline's Express Deal Hotels This Summer

Is summer travel on your mind? Save $20 with this coupon when you spend $125 or more on Priceline's Express Deal hotels.

If, like millions of other Americans this summer, you're eager to travel to someplace new, you're probably looking for ways to save on costs on everything from flights to rental cars. Right now, Priceline is making it easier to save on travel, offering $20 off when you spend $125 or more on its Express Deal Hotels.

Just enter the code SUMMER2022 at checkout to use this coupon. The offer is valid until June 28, but can be used for travel at anytime. Most Express Deals already save you 60%, so this coupon makes the deals even better. 

Express Deals doesn't reveal which hotel you'll be staying at until after you check out, but it offers a variety of choices from five-star hotels to two-star hotels. You can stay at a four-star hotel in Wall Street, New York City, for just $131, or a four-star hotel near Los Angeles airport for just $101.

Priceline also offers international deals on destinations like London, Rio De Janeiro, Bali and more. You could score a $40 hotel room in Marrakech and save $20 with the coupon, paying as little as $20 for a four-star room. For the international traveller looking to take advantage of the lifting of testing requirements to reenter the US, these deals can be a great start to planning your vacation.

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