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Get an Extra $100 Off This Perfect Camping Companion and Never Be Without Power Again

Now that camping season has arrived it's time to invest in a good solar generator.

EcoFlow River Pro Solar Generator and solar panel

These days, going camping doesn't mean you have to be without modern conveniences. This bundle from EcoFlow allows you to keep your phones, laptops and cameras charged while even powering larger devices like mini fridges and even blenders. EcoFlow is offering a $100 off coupon right now, making the bundle total $798. It's a great deal, especially with the big 160-watt solar panel.

The power station itself is a 720-watt hour supply with three full outlets, a USB-C capable of charging a MacBook and three USB-A slots for standard charging. Having all these options means you can run a lot of different devices all at the same time.

Because the EcoFlow only takes 1 hour to charge 80% on mains power, you can bring it with you fully charged and keep it topped up on solar power. The solar panel is 160 watts, one of the biggest I've seen on a solar generator, and can charge the EcoFlow fully in 7.5 hours. But if you charge it before you leave, the solar panel should only be needed to top the power station up rather than charge it fully every day.

I use my EcoFlow almost every day for assorted tasks around the house, but it really shines whenever we go camping. I use it for a three-day camping trip to charge three phones, two DSLRs and two laptops and we always come home with around 50% power left. It's a great bundle, and with $100 off, it's a bargain.

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