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Garmin's (Almost) Summer Sale Saves You Hundreds On Fitness Watches and More

Shop big discounts on rugged smartwatches, advanced GPS navigators and more great equipment for those upcoming summer adventures.


Forget flashy smartwatches and "luxury" fitness trackers. For truly rugged and practical fitness tech, Garmin is the brand to beat. Garmin makes a variety of functional devices for fitness and adventure, including watches and wearables, GPS navigators, cameras and more. And right now, you can gear up for less at its "(Almost) Summer Sale," where you can save hundreds on equipment for running, biking, golfing and more. There's no set expiration date for this sale, so there's no guarantee as to how long these deals will be available. If you're committed to grabbing one of these items at a discount, I'd recommend acting sooner rather than later.

No matter what kind of summer adventures you've got planned, you're sure to find some helpful gear at a discount. If you're heading out on the road with your RV, camper or hauling a trailer, you might want to consider this RV 780 and traffic GPS navigator. In addition to helping you find the fastest route, it also accounts for your vehicle's size and weight, and provide warnings to help you avoid steep grades, sharp curves, weight limits and more. The 6.95-inch model is currently on sale for $300, $100 off from the usual price. 

If you've got big plans to focus on your fitness this summer, you can $230 on the Forerunner 935 premium fitness tracker. The Forerunner 935 is designed for running, cycling and swimming, and is packed with helpful heath and environmental monitors. In addition to your heart-rate, distance and times, it provides detailed biomechanical measurements like your cadence, stride length, vertical oscillation and more. It also tracks elevation changes, and can determine if your under or over-training to help optimize your routine. You can pick it up for $270 right now.

Garmin makes watches for all kinds of athletes, including ones that are designed to help take a few strokes off your golf game. If you're going to be hitting the links this summer, you might want to grab this Approach S12, which is currently on sale for $150, $50 off. It has over 42,000 preloaded courses, so you can use it to quickly get detailed information about the front, middle and back of the green, including any hazards and doglegs. Plus, you can use it to keep score and see your game improve over time.

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