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Super baller: Add some fancy food to your big game party spread

We're all about high-low on Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl Sunday may be famous for its watered-down beer, cheese sauce and chicken wings but nowhere are these rules written in stone, so if you've got a flair for the finer things, we say go for it! Some reasons you may want to throw a luxury blowout Super Bowl bash: 1. You've recently come into a small fortune and want to demonstrate to friends and family just what kind of baller you're about to become. 2. The entirety of 2020 was an abject failure on all fronts, from start to finish, and chicken wings -- as much as we love chicken wings -- simply won't do. 3. You're a New England Patriots fan, like me, and you need a few slightly more complicated recipes and game day food projects to distract you from Tom Brady's post-Patriot success.

If any of the above applies to you, or if you just like the idea of stratospherically elevating your typical game day party fare, we've assembled a pantheon of recipes to take the traditionally lowbrow, and make it all very, very highbrow. Butler not included.

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Truffle mac and cheese bites

We especially like this recipe because it demands that you really embrace the lowbrow/highbrow concept in the preparation of these umami bites. You'll not stop at that pedestrian truffle oil here. This also requires getting your hands on some actual truffles, one of the most luxurious items of all, and then mixing them into the most basic of comfort foods. And then frying them in truffle oil to boot. Get the truffle mac and cheese bites recipe. (And don't worry, you can buy truffles online.)

Foie gras poppers

While your deep fryer is already hot, let's not degrade ourselves with mere jalapeños, which are almost literally a dime a dozen. Encased in a potato nest crust, the interior decadence of foie gras will evoke the creaminess of cream cheese, except way, way more expensive. Spice it up with peppers if you like, or just feel the burn emanating from all that luxury. Get the foie gras poppers recipe.

Cognac-braised chicken wings

The big game and chicken wings are as natural a marriage as ever was. Here, they're going full Mariah Carey and demanding a Cognac bath in the prenup. Get the cognac-braised chicken wings recipe.

Need some quality bird from your game day spread? Check out our favorite places to buy chicken online.

Ibérico ham roll-ups

Jamón Ibérico is one of the most expensive cured meats on earth, made from a particular breed of Spanish or Portuguese pigs whose diet is highly controlled and consists mostly of acorns. If you've stashed away some metaphorical acorns of your own for this event, splurge for a whole ham, with its stand (and trotter), and display it proudly alongside these easy rolls, adorned with pine nuts. (Which, not that we're bragging or anything, ain't exactly cheap either.) You could also use good prosciutto like this 5-month aged goodness from Eataly. Get the Ibérico ham roll-ups recipe

Lobster sliders

I mean, hello? Pulled pork and ground beef are nice and all for lesser hosts, but we have much more expensive versions of those meats incorporated into this menu already (see above and below). But it won't much count as a game day party without sliders, so creamy, herb-laced lobster sliders will fit the bill. Get the lobster sliders recipe.

Want to trap some fresh lobster for your game day sliders? Try Lobster Anywhere or these other seafood delivery services available in 2021. No net needed.

Wagyu beef chili

Some may think that Wagyu, what with its decadently massaged bovine source, would be wasted on mere chili. And to those, I say, well isn't that exactly the point? Get the Wagyu beef chili recipe.

If you need some rich Wagyu beef delivered to your door, check out Holy Grail Steak Co. along with these other great online meat delivery services in 2021.

Caviar nachos

Can you think of anything more bombastic than taking a humble mess of tortilla chips, cheese and scallions -- perhaps the world's most beloved and basic bar food -- and then garnishing it with the world's ultimate delicacy? No? Then our job here is done. Get the caviar nachos recipe. (Or try Chowhound's caviar potato skins recipe for a more substantial snack.)

You can score excellent caviar online from Fulton Fish Market or check out these other seafood delivery services we love in 2021.

Gold leaf brownies


Well, almost done. Every party needs something sweet on offer, and while gold leaf isn't necessarily all that hard to come by or difficult to cook with, symbolically you're gonna want to be that guy who literally gilded the brownies. Get the gold leaf brownies recipe.

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