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The Dyson Ball upright vacuum is just $220 right now (Update: Deal expired)

It's Best Buy's top deal of the day and it sucks big time.


Somehow, Dyson figured out how to make the vacuum cool: The look and feel of it, the mechanics and most importantly, the power. Dyson's lofty reputation usually comes with equally hefty price tags, but every once in a while, Dyson vacuums go on sale. Today is one of those days. Right now -- and for today only -- a brand-new Dyson Ball Multifloor bagless upright vacuum is available for just under $220 as Best Buy's Deal of the Day. That's $120 off the sticker price and $80 cheaper than you'll find it anywhere else online. In short, it's a very reasonable price on a very powerful vacuum.

Now, a few things to note: It's unclear exactly which model this is in Dyson's line, so it's tough to compare pricing to equivalent models on Amazon (this one looks closest). And when we reviewed the Dyson DC41 -- which had a similar ball design -- way back in 2013, we weren't exactly blown away. But that was more than half a decade ago, and we were judging it at its list price of $649.

This model -- which is corded, not cordless, by the way -- is far more affordable, marked down from its original $400 price. And it's brand-new, not a refurb, complete with a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

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