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Grab a $60 cordless Sun Joe power washer (Update: Deal expired)

The Sun Joe washer bundle is nearly half off right now.

Sun Joe

If you're one of the many drivers out there who snapped up a new car in the past year and want to keep it looking that way, you can grab a Sun Joe cordless power washer bundle for nearly 50% off the normal price. The handy take-anywhere washer is down to $60 right now on Woot.com

The portable Sun Joe is great for spiffing up your new ride, but it's also perfect for spritzing down patios, front steps, pool areas, siding, walkways and outdoor furniture.  This model runs for 12 minutes on a full charge and uses a 20-foot siphon hose to draw water from any freestanding source, such as a good old-fashioned bucket of H2O.

The bundle includes a utility bristle brush to scrub and clean wheel wells, a 12-inch extension wand, a garden hose adapter to connect directly to a spigot, an 11-ounce detergent bottle and a mesh storage bag. The same bundle is selling for $128 on Amazon and according to the Camel price-tracker, has never even dropped below $110 before.

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