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Celebrate Christopher Nolan Day by buying classic movies at a discount

Actually, it's just the 10th anniversary of Inception, but there are good prices on his movies anyway.

Dave Johnson
3 min read
Buena Vista

Inception was released 10 years ago this week, setting what was, at the time, a high-water mark for filmmaker Christopher Nolan's career. I know he's not everyone's cup of tea -- his style has been criticized for being too cerebral and lacking an emotional center, while also sometimes suffering from being so meticulously constructed that the films feel like more of an exercise in clever editing than rich storytelling. 

To people who say that, I reply, "poppycock." And with his latest film, Tenet, slated to debut August 12, now's the time to catch up on some of Nolan's classics. Fandango Now is having a sale on most of Nolan's filmography as a part of its Flashbacks series, but it turns out that Fandango is not always the best deal in the Nolan-verse -- or at least other streamers sometimes match Fandango's offers. To help sort through the confusion, I've rounded up the best prices to purchase each of his major studio releases.


Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) enters people's dreams to extract information or "incept" ideas in what might be Nolan's most mind-bendingly complex film. 

Buy Inception in HD for $7 at Amazon

Buy Inception in HD or 4K UHD for $8 at Fandango Now

Batman Begins 

Christopher Nolan explored the origins of Batman (Christian Bale) in the movie that kicked off the Batrilogy. 

Buy Batman Begins in HD for $10 at Amazon

Buy Batman Begins in HD or 4K UHD for $10 at Fandango Now

The Dark Knight

Everyone's favorite in the series, this film pits The Batman (Christian Bale) against a veritable force of nature -- The Joker -- with a stunning performance by Heath Ledger. 

Buy The Dark Knight in HD for $9 at Amazon

Buy The Dark Knight in HD or 4K UHD for $9 at Fandango Now

The Dark Knight Rises

Nolan ties up the Batman series by facing off Batman (Christian Bale) against Tom Hardy's Bane and the risk of nuclear obliteration. 

Buy the Dark Night Rises in HD for $10 at Amazon

Buy The Dark Knight Rises in HD or 4K UHD for $10 at Fandango Now

The Dark Knight Trilogy

The three-film bundle is available at only a few streaming services, but if you want it in 4K UHD, there is only one practical option -- it's priced as high as $70 at Google Play right now, which makes Fandango a steal. 

Buy the Dark Night Trilogy in HD or 4K UHD for $25 at Fandango Now


In this gripping but unusual World War II film, Dunkirk opens as hundreds of thousands of British and Allied troops are surrounded by enemy forces. But then the film plays with time and location in inimitable Christopher Nolan fashion. 

Buy Dunkirk in HD or 4K UHD at Fandango Now


The Earth is dying and only space/time-hopping ex-pilot Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) can travel through a black hole and save humanity in a film guaranteed to get science geeks arguing about physics. 

Buy Interstellar in HD for $10 at Amazon

Buy Interstellar in HD for $10 at Fandango Now

Buy Interstellar in 4K UHD for $13 at Fandango Now


Leonard (Guy Pearce ) can't make new memories, so he goes through life only remembering his last few minutes. To keep the audience as off-balance as the protagonist, the movie unfolds both forward and backward in alternating, mind-bending scenes. 

Buy Memento in HD for $7 at Fandango Now

The Prestige

Perhaps the finest film about magicians ever made, it takes artistic liberties with reality (magic tricks aren't divided into three acts ending with a "prestige," in case you were wondering) to tell what might be the most gripping story in the Nolan catalog. Also: David Bowie plays Nikola Tesla. 

Buy The Prestige in HD or 4K UHD for $13 at Fandango Now


A hidden gem in the Nolan catalog, Insomnia follows Will Dormer (Al Pacino), a homicide cop sent to Alaska to lead a murder case, where he's undone by insomnia caused by the never-setting sun. 

Buy Insomnia in HD for $5 at Amazon

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