Chipotle Burritos Are Just $6 Today. Here's How to Get Yours

Booritos are back, y'all.

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David Watsky
burrito in aluminum foil with skeleton

Here's how to score a $6 burrito from Chipotle today. 


Chipotle's Booritos are back for Halloween and that means one seriously cheap burrito, salad or bowl for you. The fast-casual favorite has brought back $6, but the promo is for today only, people. Just walk into any Chipotle today and walk out with a burrito, bowl, salad or any other entrée for only six smackeroos. It's that easy. 

Well, almost that easy.

The promo is for rewards members only so if you're not part of the Chipotle rewards fam, it might be time to sign up to get in on the discount. To set yourself up for a $6 meal to take a break from all those mini Snickers and Skittles, visit  www.chipotle.com/rewards now and thank us later.

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